Last updated: Mobile e-commerce: Next generation experiences

Mobile e-commerce: Next generation experiences


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Technology and the trends that it powers change fast.

And as trends come and go, customer needs and expectations constantly change.

You have to keep up.

That’s hard to do with legacy e-commerce systems. Customers will go elsewhere after a bad experience with an outdated e-commerce system.

Everything’s evolved: Have you?

Modern e-commerce solutions enable organizations to meet their customer’s needs by providing them with the agility to stay ahead.

More than 2,500 companies across 20 industries in 100 countries have turned to SAP to help them transform their e-commerce operations. With SAP’s next-generation e-commerce solutions, organizations can enable the rich, mobile-first experiences customers want.

Organizations don’t have to wait through a long implementation process for their new digital e-commerce system.

With an agile implementation process, they can be up and running in as little as two weeks, and on average in less than five months. More than 500 SAP partners are at the ready to ensure customers are successful.

Amazing every time.

A CX that drives loyalty + bottom lines starts HERE.

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