Last updated: CPQ: Empowered sales reps, improved win rates

CPQ: Empowered sales reps, improved win rates


Modern B2B customers won’t wait days or weeks for quotes.

They’re used to the speed and ease of the online purchases outside of work, and want things fast, at the best price while at work, too.

If they don’t get what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly move on to the next vendor.

The pressure is on.
How can you ensure your customers have a great buying experience and choose you?
How do you equip your sales reps to deliver the fast, accurate quotes that win deals?

SAP Configure, Price, and Quote (SAP CPQ) can help your sales reps perform better in their roles – and it provides your customers with a much improved buying experience. 

SAP CPQ is designed to handle complex quotes from diverse product portfolios, helping sales reps produce quotes in minutes.

Embedded intelligence guides reps and channel partners to solutions that best suit a customer’s specific needs.

Optimized pricing and margin guardrails remove guesswork help sales teams close more deals faster. No need for a data scientist.

Getting Configure, Price, and Quote right is crucial in B2B sales. And the payoff is huge: better sales experiences, better customer experiences, and better results.

Streamline sales.
Maximize revenue.
Come run with the best when it comes to CPQ HERE.

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