Last updated: IoT for business: With all the hype, don’t forget the human element

IoT for business: With all the hype, don’t forget the human element


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The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionize business. But realizing the full potential of IoT for business requires strategy, intelligence, and insight into its human impact.

The Internet of Things promises to provide businesses with unprecedented amounts of data to drive new insights. But the value of the technology lies in how people use it, not in the tech itself. Businesses that rush to implement IoT without an organization-wide strategy, without accounting for the human element, will ultimately be less successful in the long run.

In this episode of Tech Unknown, we explore the principles that guide a smart IoT strategy. Our expert, Amber Case, makes the case for a sober and grounded approach to IoT for business.  It’s the opposite of the shiny-object-chasing that can characterize the adoption of new tech. For Case, it’s about finding the things that technology is best at, adopting the minimum tech to get the job done, and letting humans do what humans are best at.

Listen, learn, leap: IoT for business strategy

We hear all the time about how IoT will transform business and bring invaluable benefits. The predictions for what IoT will do for business can be eye-popping. But Case provides a practical perspective that’s a refreshing change from the regular hype cycle, and one that could have lasting implications for your business.

In this episode, she talks about the evolution of IoT and how businesses can drive value from it, including

  1. Why the human element is crucial to IoT initiative success
  2. How technology can best amplify human effort
  3. How businesses should approach IoT strategy

About our guest

Amber Case is a research fellow at the Institute for the Future. She’s an author and design leader with a decade of experience in UX and research & development. Amber works with international brands on product development, strategy, and user experience. Her books include Calm Technology: Principles and Patterns for Non-Intrusive Design and An Illustrated Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology.

Wise words for the future of IoT in business

Here is some of the advice Case offers:

“We have to think about: ‘what is a human good at’ and ‘what is the machine good at?’ How do we amplify the best of each?”

“Technology should be requiring the smallest amount of attention possible…It should help you make better choices, but it shouldn’t choose for you. It shouldn’t make you act like a machine.”

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