Last updated: Intelligent ERP benefits: Standardization, automation, and the bottom line

Intelligent ERP benefits: Standardization, automation, and the bottom line


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Asking what Intelligent ERP benefits are and what they can do for your business is like asking what a stove can do for your kitchen. It’s a fundamental part of virtually everything you will be doing in the space — so it can be hard to think about every single possibility.

This episode, we’re digging into a couple of specific ways that Intelligent ERP can transform a business: Standardization and automation.

These two tactics, implemented on Intelligent ERP with the right processes and organizational support, can dramatically improve the way your business works, and ultimately your bottom line.

Our guests have practical experience in helping organizations standardize and automate to increase efficiency, lower costs, and even identify new opportunities for the business.

Not only can they attest to the effectiveness of intelligent ERP, they also share how to make the case for it to your executive suite.

Listen, learn, leap: Discover the intelligent ERP benefits that can boost your business

Standardization and automation on Intelligent ERP can boost your business’ bottom line — if you can make the case to your entire organization.

This episode, our experts focus on the practical process of rolling out these types of changes, including success stories from customers that made it work.

  1. How to get organization-wide buy-in for standardization and automation
  2. How standardization and automation can empower creativity and improve employee experience
  3. How Intelligent ERP is helping businesses plan to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

About our guests

Daniel Newman is the Principal Analyst and Founding Partner at Futurum Research. He can be found on, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post, and is the author of seven Amazon best-selling books, including Building Dragons and Futureproof.

Lori Foster is the Regional Executive Advocate for S/4HANA COE South MU at SAP, with over 25 years of experience in helping businesses pursue digital transformation.

Words of wisdom: The experts speak

“Standardizing allows you to drive real tangible business results. It allows your people to free up their time from non-value-added activity, and they can really focus on business outcomes.” – Lori Foster

“A sound ERP system makes people’s lives easier, makes work easier, makes it faster and makes it more productive.” Daniel Newman

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