Last updated: SAPPHIRE NOW HR Keynote: Empower employees to be their best by reinventing experiences

SAPPHIRE NOW HR Keynote: Empower employees to be their best by reinventing experiences

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Over the last tumultuous year, the organizations who succeeded focused on their people. The value of the internal employee network took center stage as companies empowered their workforce by enriching their employee network in new ways, wherever those employees were.

And no wonder. Your employees are the heartbeat of your organization. They define what you sell, what you spend, and what profits you see. And when opportunities and crises arise, it’s your people that make the difference. So, keeping them happy isn’t merely the right thing to do: it’s the one thing you must do.

But happiness doesn’t mean easiness. It doesn’t mean less work or less-challenging work. It means meaningful, motivating work. It means connection, support, and empowerment. And that means reinventing HR.

As human resources thought leader Nestor Marquez simply states, “We’re all part of the human team.” After watching the SAPPHIRE NOW HR day keynote I gathered several HR experts together to ask them about the current state of HR and what they predict for the future of work. You can watch the discussion here.

Rethinking HR requires redirecting efforts from what the business needs to what everyone on the organizational chart needs.

It shifts the focus from supporting HR-led processes, steps, and procedures to delivering engaging, individualized experiences for everyone from candidates to employees to managers. It means offering common-sense, cloud-based technologies that empower employees while delivering the data and insights employers need.

“Leaning into the fact that people drive business and that every business is in the people business is so important.” – Joey Price

“Every new model and every new change requires a lot of human resources with people being at the core of everything.” – Dr Marcia Robinson

Your people and your tools are equally and critically important to business transformation. And reimagining HR in this way – refocusing on the value of every person in the company – is how you create a workforce ready for this challenge or any other.

“Organizations and people cannot be it if they cannot see it. A focus on diversity and inclusion is necessary.” – Laurie Ruettimann

“Humans are the conduit to business success and HR through technology is what powers the success of the humans for the success of the business.” – Enrique Rubio

Prioritize the employee experience with human experience management solutions from SAP

SAP software helps you deliver:

  • Relevant and meaningful experiences that shape the moments that matter to employees
  • Guided simplicity that replaces global complexity for HR and the entire team
  • Learning that never stops, so your workforce keeps getting stronger and stronger
  • Innovation that’s always driving your team and your business forward

With human capital management (HCM) solutions from SAP, it doesn’t matter where you start or where you go. You can begin with listening or learning. You can tackle payroll or performance. You can take on all or part of the employee experience at your pace, and you can be confident you’re building employee engagement that will help people do their best while helping your company be its best.

This is how you create an evolving, ever-improving culture of HR and employee experience. It’s how you stay agile and profitable, how you improve speed and efficiency company-wide, and how you become an intelligent enterprise capable of rapidly meeting the needs of your workforce and your business. It’s how you embed HR processes deep within the organization and ensure your people are at the center of it all.

HCM reinvents HR.
It prioritizes and upholds the employee experience.
And when you foster this type of environment, everyone in your organization will experience wins.

You already know the RISE with SAP offering, which delivers business transformation as a service to help IT organizations lead business transformation and be a change agent.

Now, the RISE with SAP package for Human Capital Management helps you accelerate your people transformation and provides a solid foundation for ongoing digital transformation. You can choose from three concise and consumable scenarios to drive tangible transformational outcomes while gaining the flexibility to enable change in the way that works best for you.

Join us for the HR keynote at SAPPHIRE NOW

Discover how employees can make the difference in your business.

Watch a recording of our SAPPHIRE NOW conference session, “Reinvent HR and Reinvigorate Your Workforce,” from Wednesday, June 9, to learn how you can help your employees thrive with SAP SuccessFactors HCM.

Highlights of the keynote include:

  • Jill Popelka, president of SAP SuccessFactors, shared her vision of the human experience at work
  • Sabine Bendiek, chief people officer and executive board member at SAP, talked about how SAP is driving a culture of empowerment, inclusion, and personal support across its global workforce
  • Shoe brand Crocs described how it has created a culture of belonging for everyone at the company
  • Amy Wilson, senior vice president of products and design, SAP SuccessFactors, demonstrated how HXM is reinventing HR by helping organizations concentrate on their people – and giving them the right tools and opportunities to be their best
  • The UK’s Royal Mail Group outlined how, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the postal service and courier company has transformed not only its customer service but also its employee experience
  • Josh Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting, and Jon Reed, cofounder of analyst firm Diginomica, talked to Meg Bear, senior vice president of engineering and operations, SAP SuccessFactors, about the future of work

Other highlights of the Americas session include:

  • SAP partner Microsoft discussed how the company has transformed its workplace culture, including by using SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and how the employee experience has become a culture mindset for all its leaders
  • Energy conglomerate Grupo Perez Companc explained how the company is focusing on people and inspiring its workforce to stay authentic

While in EMEA, SAP customer highlights include:

  • A representative from Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, spoke about building a digital-first government and offering employees a fully mobile work experience
  • Refractories maker RHI Magnesita revealed how the company delivers a great employee experience using SAP SuccessFactors solutions

Modern business, meet revenue:
– End-to-end connected data
– Engage quickly with a great CX
– Sell anytime, anywhere

Get going TODAY.

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