Last updated: The benefits of 5G: Changing the game for customer experience

The benefits of 5G: Changing the game for customer experience


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Do you recall your first mobile phone? Even though I can’t remember the brand, my first phone was a foldable device that I was very proud to call my own. The software on that device had flaws, but for a teenager, it was revolutionary.

That was more than 20 years ago. Today we’re carrying smart, highly potent devices that can record videos in 4k and stream our favorite TV shows. As carriers roll out 5G, the latest mobile telephony standard, we’ll see amazing advances. The benefits of 5G are immense, including:

  1. Faster speeds
  2. More bandwidth
  3. Lower latency

5G technology promises to be a game changer for customer experience in both the B2C and B2B worlds.

Benefits of 5G: Personalized shopping

In retail, 5G technology enables new ways of interacting with customers, which has the potential for widespread benefits. Some of the scenarios are futuristic, but not unrealistic.

Imagine a customer shopping for groceries in a supermarket. Data that’s stored in a cloud centrally could be combined with data on the “edge” (near or at the supermarket) to provide the shopper with real-time information.

For example, the customer could be guided to items on their digital shopping list, or to less crowded areas for a better shopping experience. Or a shopper with food allergies could receive guidance based on their dietary restrictions. Shoppers can also receive special promotions based on their preferences.

This way a marketer can close the traditional “time gap” that between planning, setup, and execution. They can leverage marketing solutions that are powered by AI, holistic customer profiles, and marketing execution templates for real-time engagement.

The customer experiences 5G benefits as in-the-moment, personalized interactions that make their lives easier and more convenient.

5G benefits: Industrial safety

The 5G wireless standard offers many benefits for enterprise customers as it provides reliable, high connectivity private networks that open the doors to new business models and boost productivity.

In an industrial and IoT environment, 5G can improve workplace safety. For instance, wireless location services — in conjunction with an HD camera and AI-based monitoring — could stop  a high-speed robotic arm when a person enters the production space, preventing possible injury, says Michael van Veen, Global Solutions Expert at SAP.

Advantages for defense and healthcare

The safety benefits of 5G also apply to the defense industry, which need reliable wireless connectivity between devices to ensure personnel are safe in hazardous areas, van Veen says.

In healthcare, 5G can open up options for remote care, including physician visits and even remote surgery, he says. This would be particularly beneficial in locations where doctors are few and far between.

And the hospitality industry can benefit from better connectivity to maintain large buildings.

There’s really no industry that won’t benefit from 5G.

All in all, 5G doesn’t only bring technical improvements; it enables industries to develop new use cases and business models. I’m excited to see other innovations as 5G becomes more common and widely adopted in business and consumer areas alike.

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