Last updated: The advantages of digital transformation: Better CX, more sales

The advantages of digital transformation: Better CX, more sales


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More and more companies are experiencing the advantages of digital transformation, particularly how the pivot can create great insight into customer needs. Armed with that knowledge, companies can improve customer experience and reap better business results.

Quantifiable advantages of digital transformation

Komus sells a wide range of products in Russia, including business and office supplies. It launched more than 30 years ago with small retail outlets and has grown into a supplier powerhouse, expanding into the B2B market and operating its own production facilities.

The company had been trying to crack the code of what their customers really wanted. They assumed that was low prices and competitive delivery rates. Through digital transformation, they learned that wasn’t really the case.

By moving to the cloud and modernizing their sales operations, they unlocked the power of CX to improve their business in tangible ways:

  1. Penetrate wider markets
  2. Increase sales
  3. Extend the range of products sold

The connection between CX, data, and communication

Komus discovered that while they knew a lot about their customers. their customers didn’t know enough about Komus. They needed to devise a way to convey to customers the breadth of their products and services.

The obvious solution was to use their sales team, which is consistently the first line of communication with customers. But outdated, manual processes of carrying around a stack of documents and writing notes by hand made it hard for sales reps to keep up with customer expectations.

Moreover, getting all that documentation back into a central system for processing and updating took too much time.

The company ultimately digitized its sales operations, creating what it calls a “a digital ecosystem” for their sales team. Sales reps now have a 360-degree view of the client, giving them real-time insight into their needs and pain points. Instead of juggling documents and filling out forms, sales reps can focus on delivering top-notch customer experience.

With insight into the customer, sellers get clues that point them to potential areas where the customer might buy other Komus products. For example, a client that’s expanding its office might need furniture in addition to its usual paper supplies.

Real-life sales transformation

Komus is a concrete example of the advantages of digital transformation for companies. The cloud enables the company to be agile and flexible as customer expectations evolve.

Digital transformation has put Komus in a position of strength as it looks ahead to a future where the role of e-commerce in sales continues to grow.

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