Last updated: Mobile masterpiece: Creating omnichannel retail and stand-out CX

Mobile masterpiece: Creating omnichannel retail and stand-out CX


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Consumers want, and deserve, to have the freedom to choose what channel they want to shop on and for every one of those channels to provide a seamless, easy experience. Brands must rise to this expectation, or risk being left behind. Those that ignore the new balance between online and offline, could be ignoring up to 50% of their revenue potential.

One of the main consumer channels of course is our mobile phones. It’s our handheld shopping tool and the ultimate extension of our lives. The fact is, mobile retail is more important than it was, and will be even more important in the future.

Yet it remains an area where many retailers have yet to connect the dots when it comes to delivering a seamless customer experience.

📱 Mobile retail: Lots of room for improvement

It’s an expensive oversight. According to recent research by Google, seven in 10 of mobile shoppers in Europe don’t make purchases on their mobile because they find the process too difficult or consuming.

Common areas of consumer frustration include:
  1. Scrolling fatigue
  2. Lack of autofill at the checkout
  3. Site speed

On the upside, mobile retail represents a $17 billion incremental revenue opportunity for those retailers who get it right.

That’s because mobile commerce is the crucial link in delivering successful omnichannel experiences that drive growth.

With the holidays, more shoppers than ever are browsing on their mobile devices – not just for convenience or impulse buys when they get a gift idea, but also to avoid busy crowds as part of our new post-pandemic behavior. We have an increasing reliance on our phones, from using them for payments to vaccine passports, and while it’s only one channel in an arsenal, providing an excellent mobile experience is essential for business success.

Fashion retailer goes mobile and the results are amazing

One business that optimized the move online and created a successful and enviable growth model is Swedish fashion retailer JOY. By leveraging the benefits of deep learning, using AI out of the box, they provide customers with a top-notch mobile retail experience, and sales are booming.

For years, JOY provided Swedish women with quality clothes through its physical stores. As a new online business, JOY is both a heritage brand and a start up at the same time. It’s effectively reinvented itself by focusing on mobile e-commerce and personalized fashion advice.

The founders see JOY as a start-up building next-generation e-commerce based on AI and slow fashion – a more sustainable alternative with clothes lasting several seasons. The fashion advice they once offered customers in physical stores is now provided in digital format, taking customer experience and personalization to the next level.

Mobile-first shopping → more conversions, profit 💰

Using advanced technologies, JOY’s developers were able to create an online platform in minutes with simple, repeatable drag-and-drop widgets. The retailer provides a mobile-first shopping experience designed for ease of use. JOY’s website automatically knows which products to show to each customer, which boosted consumer satisfaction, brand loyalty and ultimately, profit.

By creating a mobile, dynamic, contextually relevant experience for each shopper, retailers such as JOY have increased conversions and profitability, while delivering a brand experience that helps them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With a path to easily connect and enable social commerce, retailers can make the most of social selling by connecting directly with social seller accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. They can also ensure accurate information with automated synchronization and updates on products, availability, and pricing changes.

Equipping all retailers with the tools to sell rapidly and easily, apply changes quickly, and offer intelligent merchandising capabilities that were previously only accessible to large enterprises, is truly a game-changer.

Fast, flexible e-commerce
is just a few clicks away

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