Last updated: The data doesn’t lie: The power of customer centricity at SAP Sapphire

The data doesn’t lie: The power of customer centricity at SAP Sapphire


The pandemic accelerated many things, changed our perceptions, and adjusted our lives. Once again digital transformation is a leading topic, but the reason for the transformation is shifting toward customer centricity.

When you put your customer at the center of your business, you need a customer data strategy and framework to unlock agility and the path to revenue we all desire. SAP Sapphire customer focused sessions will show how brands can build trusted, valuable relationships that drive long-term business growth.

SAP Sapphire customer sessions: The power of data

According to leading analysts, the key to YoY growth annual revenue of up to 48% is in keeping up with and addressing customer needs. But do you understand customers well enough to achieve this critical mission?

Brands that take a strategic approach to the data they collect about a customer have the power to deliver exceptional experiences. With a comprehensive customer data management platform, they can truly understand the customer and their changing needs.

At SAP Sapphire, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from our passionate customers, engage with experts, and learn how to make customer centricity a reality that puts your brand ahead of the competition.

Sapphire spotlight: Customer-centric transformation

We’re thrilled to be back in Orlando this year with many engaging, interactive sessions you don’t want to miss.

Discover the secret sauce for enhancing revenue and earning loyalty 

Learn why customer data is the key to cross-channel experiences that strengthen loyalty and retention. Find out how FranklinCovey, a provider of professional coaching services, keeps customers at the forefront by delivering personalized engagements across markets and regions while considering customer identity and consent management.

Wednesday, May 11
11:30 a.m.-11:50 a.m.

Hear how Ferrara created a data-driven foundation for customer engagement

Sapphire attendees have a couple opportunities to hear how Ferrara Candy Co. pursued a CX strategy that required revitalizing its focus on meaningful engagement with customers. The company will detail how their strategy around customer data is building the foundation of their future success, and achieving big results across multiple channels.

Wednesday, May 11
1:30 p.m.-1:50 p.m.

Wednesday, May 11 (Keynote panel)
11 a.m.-11:20 a.m.

SAP Sapphire: Turn insights into serious ROI with customer data solutions

Customer data solutions from SAP unify millions of profiles into a single source of truth and help drive up to 10 times e-commerce revenue growth. Discover plans for surfacing enterprise-wide insights by connecting to the SAP ERP application, enhancing secure authentication options, and navigating the evolving data privacy landscape.

Wednesday, May 11
1 p.m.-1:40 p.m.

SAP Sapphire: Customer research, revealed

We’re excited to pull the covers back on some new research between SAP and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Learn how organizations from around the globe strategically integrate customer data into their intelligent business processes to provide better customer experiences and strengthen their brand reputation as we discuss a forward-looking customer data strategy.

Ready, set, transform.
Join us for SAP Sapphire online or in-person from several locations around the world.

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