Last updated: Customer service statistics: Infographic reveals what customers want

Customer service statistics: Infographic reveals what customers want


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Customer service — good service, that is — matters more than ever today. Simply put, a business can’t succeed without satisfied customers. If you don’t believe service is critical, these customer service statistics prove it.

Quality customer service has always been important, but in the digital era, it’s become absolutely essential. With consumers spending more time online, their expectations for fast, convenient service have soared. Their service experience throughout their journey, from their first interactions through post-purchase and beyond, influences how they view a brand — and whether they’ll buy again.

You may have the best product on the market, but if you can’t deliver exceptional service that meets customers expectations, your chances for sticking around are slim. Just one bad service experience can sour a customer on a brand.

But the business benefits of providing great service are tremendous: More loyal customers, increased customer retention (after all, it’s cheaper to retain customers than get new ones), and ultimately a better bottom line.

A brand with a reputation for sterling service shines in a crowded market, where consumers have endless choice and can be exceeding fickle.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Customer service statistics


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