Last updated: We don’t need no education: Friday roundup, back to school edition

We don’t need no education: Friday roundup, back to school edition


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While some kids have already gone back to the classroom in many parts of the US, others are just starting school or getting ready to return. Students, teachers, and parents all have different perspectives on going back to school.

In this Friday roundup to kick off your weekend, we collected various takes on the ritual return to the classroom from Twitter and TikTok.

Most wonderful time of the year — or not

For a lot of kids, the return of school brings a glorious summer to a crashing end. But for parents, it can mean a return to some much-needed peace and quiet.

But even parents can get a little maudlin when summer comes to an end.

The teacher perspective

For teachers, the first day of school is the culmination of a ton of work and classroom preparation.


But then they also manage to have some fun once the school year starts.

Students: Excitement and trepidation 

While some students are excited to get back to the classroom and rejoin friends, the start of the school year is high anxiety for others. 

School’s back safety tips

After so much time spent learning at home the past two years, a few safety reminders are in order, especially for our sad reality.

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