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Jack Dyson: The man, the myth, the legend


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“Happy he who, like Ulysses, has made an adventurous voyage.” – Joseph Conrad, The Mirror of the Sea

I think most folks could agree that since 2020, corporate years are like dog years, meaning Jack Dyson has been at SAP for the equivalent of 45 years.

Given such a span of time, it’s a bit difficult to comprehend an SAP without him; yet I still find myself composing this post.

Alarmingly tall, brilliantly witty, and a great strategic asset (if you’ve not sent in someone with a smooth British accent and calm voice to dissuade/convince/land your pitch, I highly recommend giving it a shot), Jack’s been a boon and beacon to many, and now he’s heading off on his next big adventure.

“This is the place that you all made together so that you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them and they needed you.” – Lost, The End, Part 1

Smart, caring, creative, Jack’s one of the best colleagues I’ve had the luck to work with; he’s a friend + professional partner for life. I’ll miss you, Jack, but (probably much to your chagrin), know where to find you. #hybris4ever” – Amy Hatch

Jack’s been a great partner and mentor to me during our three years working together. We’ve partnered on several cross-portfolio projects pushing the boundaries at SAP and building relationships in the process.

Jack has an innate ability to simplify complex ideas and bring people together in support of an initiative. I’ve been fortunate to learn from his experience and grow my own skillset in the process.

Jack’s absence will be felt across the team, but perhaps we’ve always known he’s destined for greater things.

Congrats Jack, and thank you for the memories.” – Cindy Beauchamp

“How good a person you are depends only on how much compassion and sympathy you have in your heart for others.”Nitin Namdeo

My first memory with Jack was actually when Amy and he were kind enough to let me sit in on a calendaring session with you, Emily, and I think at least one more person that I’m forgetting, but that was a million years ago at this point.

I was so impressed at the professionalism and collaborative spirit in the room, and I just remember being truly excited to be joining such a creative and warm group of people as we prepared to embark on the next phase in SAP CX evolution.

The other thing I want to emphasize about Jack is his capacity for empathy and understanding.

I had a rough year in 2021; Jack couldn’t have been more supportive in listening to me during this time, and gave me the space and encouragement I needed to balance my professional and personal lives as I worked through this.

Jack’s gentle and thoughtful approach to working with his team has helped make my time here really special – not to mention the knowledge and wisdom I’ve been lucky enough to pick up from him along the way (Hello flatplans and design thinking!)

Jack, you’ll be greatly missed by me and everyone who you’ve helped discover new potential and new ways of thinking, creating, and working as a cohesive team. I know we’ll stay in touch.” – David Kerin

Towering above the rest: Mentor, friend, tour guide extraordinaire

I had a brief time working together with Jack, but I’m grateful for his trust and support. He’s made the transition period for me as smooth as possible, guiding me every step of the way and making sure I have all the tools and information I need to succeed. This demonstrates once again how much he cares about the team and how committed he is to SAP CX.

I will miss dearly our discussions on all the topics outside of CX and how he’d explain things to me coming up with different metaphors every time.

Thank you, Jack, for believing in me and empowering me to become a better version of myself!

I hope to see you soon and we can explore more of Bridget Jones locations in England.” – Svetlana

“Jack, I feel like we were brothers – both trying to navigate the corporate world of SAP while maintaining our family lives.

We created a real friendship borne out of trying to make sense of the organizational changes, the deadlines, and the events around the world – and for that I’ll be forever thankful.

I know that the pandemic stopped us from seeing each other in person, but I know that when I’m anywhere in the UK, I could reach out to you and you’d meet me for a pint at a pub. I’m looking forward to that moment, so be ready – I will call and we will talk about the days we spent together, as brothers.” – John Fisher

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

“Jack, thank you for bringing so many rich gifts to SAP, our team, and to me, personally! I loved our lessons in rhetoric and the way you’ve put your unique qualities that are just YOU into everything that you do.

You make us better and I’m truly grateful for the time, energy, talent & wit that you’ve shared so generously over the years.

I can’t help but think that growing up with 3 sisters has shaped your ability to handle some challenging situations – your empathy is so artfully polished.

I’ve loved our conversations about our boys; about prepping our teens for the college process; about all of your meaningful causes – and what I’ll hold close and dear are all of your design, film, photography and music talents! Dysonology 🎤 you will always be a SAPreme 🎸 in my mind.” – Margot Heiligman

“What are you doing there, Threepio?”“Taking one last look, sir. At my friends.” – C-3PO to Poe, Rise of Skywalker

It’s been a wild, wonderful, (sometimes) weary ride, hasn’t it, Dyson? From the peaks of optimism to the depths of despair (for you, most likely watching me do my hair or put on makeup while on a call), we’ve seen each other through a lot over the last eight years.

I’m going to miss our inside jokes, ability to speak entire conversations without saying a word, and your wide-open heart. 

You know me well enough to know that I’ve put off writing this until it’s sunrise across the pond where you are, and assume you also suspected exactly what image I’d be using to close this (incredibly-heart-wrenching-to-write) post, because you know my penchant for the long game. 💜

Gonna miss you like crazy – and no matter what, we’ll always have Movember and Pringles. Love ya, Dyson – across every dimension. – JVZ

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