Last updated: The 2023 CX trends powering business: Service takes center stage

The 2023 CX trends powering business: Service takes center stage


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Across industries, businesses have made customer experience a priority. At the same time, they’re struggling with ongoing inflation, market volatility, and global unrest. How do you deliver the best CX amid so many business challenges?

The CX trends in 2023 revolve around elevating the role of customer service for deeper connections with customers:

  1. Customer service is baked into corporate culture
  2. Self-service goes mainstream
  3. Personalized experiences
  4. Service is the new sales

CX trend 2023: Service is everyone’s job

There was a time when customer service and customer experience used to be separate. That’s no longer the case, especially after the pandemic. Service is now an integral part of CX.

Leading organizations understand that customer service isn’t a department. It’s a philosophy to be embraced by everyone in the organization, from the CEO to the most recently hired.

That means customer service touches many other areas – not just what has traditionally been referred to as the customer service department. Smart companies recognize that service (taking care of both internal and external customers) and CX are found in virtually all areas of business. It’s baked into the organization’s culture.

Help customers help themselves

Our CX research indicates that 70% of customers are willing to use digital or self-service tools, making it a top CX trend in 2023.

The success criteria is based on two things:

  • The automated experience must be easy and intuitive.
  • It must work. If the automation fails, there must be a seamless and easy way to transition to human support.

The phone is still the customer’s preferred communication channel, but if you “teach” them there’s an option that can give them the answers they need quickly and easily, you’ll see more customers going digital first.

Great customer service results in best in suite CX, full stop.

CX in 2023: All about personalization

Customers today not only want personalized experiences, they expect them. Simply put, customers expect you to know them. This goes beyond when they call for customer support, although that’s an excellent place to personalize CX.

Agents must be equipped with knowledge of the customer, their buying patterns, what they’ve needed help with in the past, and more. That’s highly individualized personalization.

In marketing, we personalize based on personas, where we group our customers into buckets and send marketing messages and information that are appropriate for a larger group. Many companies have five or ten different personas.

Finally, there’s personalization in sales. The more information you have on your customers, the more likely you’ll deliver exactly what they want based on their history with your company. While salespeople should still ask questions and practice traditional selling techniques, the ability to personalize the experience with more than just a name is powerful.

Imagine if salespeople, the marketing team, and customer support agents had access to all this information (and more) to help them create a better customer experience. The results would be amazing.

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From cost center to revenue generator

Customer service has often been viewed as a cost center. But the customer support center should be renamed the revenue generation center, at least internally.

When customers need help, and we take care of them, they start to trust the company. That could get them to come back next time. When we know who they are, they feel they are known, understood, and appreciated. And when there is trust and an emotional connection,  customers are wiling to take suggestions from the agent, opening the door to renewals, cross-selling and even upsells.

That means that with the proper training, our traditional customer support people can become an extension of the sales team.

Consider the revenue-generating and growth possibilities. Your business could be unstoppable.

96% of consumers have more trust in brands when they make it easy to do business with them.
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