Last updated: Consumer trends report: Men shop more often than women

Consumer trends report: Men shop more often than women


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A new report debunks long-held assumptions about how men and women shop — namely, that women shop more than men.

Jungle Scout’s Q2 2023 Consumer Trends Report, which surveyed a nearly equal number of men and women, found that men actually shop more often than women – and  they’re also more apt to buy items via social media.

While inflation has curbed spending by both men and women, men haven’t cut back as much as women. They also don’t appear to be as worried about household finances.

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Other key findings from Jungle Scout’s survey of 1,000 US consumers include:
  1. For the first time in three years, overall consumer spending showed an increase. Still, 81% of consumers said inflation has reduced their spending.
  2. Essentials remained the top type of item purchased.
  3. TikTok is gaining as a starting place for online shoppers with 17% of consumers starting their search on the platform, up from 11% the same quarter last year.
  4. 60% of consumers said they rarely return online purchases. When they do return, it’s usually clothing.

Q2 consumer trends infographic: How men vs. women are spending

As inflation woes are rising, impulse purchases are trending downward – as is dining out.

Jungle Scout Q2 Consumer Trends infographic showing findings about how men and women shop.

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