Last updated: What is Power to the Marketer 2024: dates, topics, speakers

What is Power to the Marketer 2024: dates, topics, speakers


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Continuously shifting consumer expectations. New technological innovations releasing every day. If you’re a digital marketer, these are challenges you’ll likely be familiar with.

So, as we navigate a world where the pace of digital innovation continues to accelerate, the Power to the Marketer 2024 festival offers a unique platform for marketing professionals to explore the convergence of tradition and transformation.

Join industry leaders, innovators, and peers from around the globe as we delve into cutting-edge strategies, share success stories, and discover how AI and omnichannel approaches are redefining the landscape of marketing.

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What is Power to the Marketer 2024?

The core tenet of marketing has remained the same for decades – creating relevant experiences that resonate with customers, building trust, and driving sales.

However, the evolution of AI technologies and the emergence of new marketing channels have changed the ways consumers engage with brands. This transformation along with a prioritization of customer engagement has forced marketers to adapt.

This combination of tried-and-tested principles and groundbreaking innovations sets the stage for the 2024 Power to the Marketer festival’s theme: tradition meets transformation.

Power to the Marketer 2024 is a digital and in-person festival hosted by SAP Emarsys and focused around three foundational pillars:

  1. Innovating with AI and omnichannel strategies: Discover how breaking down data silos and integrating customer, sales, and product data can enhance your marketing efficiency and help you exceed customer expectations.
  2. Breathing new life into traditional marketing tactics: Get inspiration from cutting-edge marketers who are redefining traditional methods, utilizing content, channels, and personalization in creative ways to craft captivating brand experiences.
  3. Fostering deep customer loyalty: As tradition meets transformation, the ultimate aim remains to nurture true, lasting loyalty. Learn how leading brands are blending human intuition and AI-driven innovations to create strategies that convert customers into lifelong advocates.

When is Power to the Marketer 2024?

The 2024 Power to the Marketer festival isn’t a single event. It unfolds over an entire year, celebrating the inspiring stories of marketers who have successfully blended tradition with transformation to engage their customers in this brave new digital world.

By attending the festival, you’ll experience a diverse mix of onsite workshops, interactive Q&A sessions, and insightful panel discussions. This is a golden opportunity for marketers like you to engage directly with peers, make new connections, and absorb knowledge through events hosted in cities across the world.

Festival highlight: the Omnichannel & AI Masterclass:

Set for June 12-13, a key highlight of this year’s Power to the Marketer festival is the Omnichannel & AI Masterclass. This event promises marketers a deep dive into how digital pioneers are using AI-enhanced omnichannel strategies to foster genuine, long-lasting customer loyalty.

What’s on at this year’s Masterclass?

At this year’s Power to the Marketer festival, SAP Emarsys has a powerhouse line-up of brands that have been using omnichannel marketing to create genuine customer connections, build loyalty, and drive ROI.

Let’s take a sneak peak at some of the show-stopping sessions announced from the festival’s two-day masterclass, delivered by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Masterclass Day 1 (June 12th):

During the first day of our upcoming Omnichannel & AI Masterclass, you’ll discover the latest SAP Emarsys innovations and AI product updates, engage in fireside chats with leading retail brands, hear success stories from key technology partners, and delve into omnichannel execution strategies.

Confirmed speakers and sessions:

SAP Emarsys: Product Strategy, Roadmap and AI Innovations

  • Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product & Customer Marketing, SAP Emarsys
  • Balint Vegh, VP Product, SAP Emarsys
  • Aadil Kumar, Sr. Product Manager Gen AI x Intelligence, SAP Emarsys

How Huel is Driving Profitable, Scalable Growth Through Customer Advocacy Marketing with Mention Me

  • Tash Reynolds, Global Head of CRM, Huel
  • Kat Wray, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Mention Me

How Replacements, Ltd. Plates up Traditional and Digital Marketing to Serve a Broad Demographic

  • Amy Childress, E-commerce Marketing Manager, Replacements
  • Kara Lewis, Lead Client Strategy Manager, Attentive

Masterclass Day 2 (June 13th):

On this jam-packed second day, you can attend a panel discussion with leaders in the consumer products industry, dip into more insightful fireside chats with key retail figures, and gain deeper insights from innovative technology partners on their successful collaborations and implementations.

Confirmed speakers and sessions:

More Than Commerce: How CPG Brands Are Building Direct-to-Consumer Engagement

  • Don Brett, Podcast Host, CPG View
  • Jamie Schwab, VP, Global Digital Commerce, Colgate-Palmolive
  • Jamie Decker, VP, Ecommerce, Del Monte
  • Diana Macia, Director, Global Omnichannel Capabilities, Kellanova (formerly Kellogg’s)
  • Jeanne Delmar, E-commerce Director EMEA, Nestle
  • Andrew Gallo, Chief Omnichannel Officer, American Greetings

Where ESG Meets Omnichannel Strategy: How Molton Brown Drives Engagement by Embracing Sustainability

  • Naresh Krishnamurthy, Senior Manager – Business Transformation, Cosmetics Business, Kao – Molton Brown
  • Sunny Sangha, Director Sales Enablement & Partnerships, Sinch

How Home Depot Engineers Online Experiences That ‘Get More Done’ During High Peak Seasons

  • Mauricio Gonzalez, DFC Logistic Solutions Design Coordinator, Home Depot
  • Stephanie Dymott, Product Marketing Manager, SAP Emarsys

Is Power to the Marketer 2024 free?

Yes, both the in-person masterclass and the online events are free to attend. However, you’ll need to register for the digital festival, and seats for the in-person events are limited, so if you’re interested in attending, register now!

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