Alicia Hatch

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Deloitte Digital

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Alicia Hatch is currently building the digital creative consultancy of the future as the Chief Marketing Officer of Deloitte Digital.

A digital marketing veteran, she has spent the past twenty years pushing the boundaries in marketing for Fortune 500 brands. Prior to Deloitte Digital, Alicia built XBOX’s billion dollar Halo videogame franchise through cultivating the most devoted fanbase in the gaming world. To continuously engage and monetize these consumers, she pioneered the transformation of the Xbox business model from physical product releases to downloadable content, which lead to significant business growth. She deeply understands the power of the modern consumer, and the business value of marketing. Alicia built a leading digital agency, Banyan Branch, which innovated on the use of social media data to uncover consumer perceptions that drive key behaviors. Banyan Branch was acquired by Deloitte in 2013. When she’s not transforming brands, Alicia enjoys surfing, skiing, and eating her way through exotic countries.

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