Andy Main

Global Head of Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Andy Main is the Global Head of Deloitte Digital, Principal. He is an entrepreneur who’s brought to market a new model for a new age called Creative Digital Consulting. He helps clients imagine the future of their businesses, and then helps deliver and run that future. Deloitte Digital’s business model is so refreshingly different, it is up-ending all the “old fashioned” consulting firms and advertising holding companies.

Growing connectivity, competition, and customer power requires entire businesses to be imagined. If you want to shake things up, it is found through new engagements, new products, new business models, new definitions of how work gets done, new organizations, and new ecosystems. Andy has put all these services under one roof, making life easier for the C-Suite. He helps clients bring to life their new business vision and realize their biggest ambitions.

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