Branwell Moffat

Director of CX Consulting

KPS Digital

Branwell Moffat is the Director of CX Consulting at KPS Digital in the UK; an award-winning SAP partner and SAP CX SI in London, UK. He’s a highly technical, strategic and business-focused e-commerce consultant and business leader with over 20 years experience helping companies grow their digital businesses to levels of individual revenues in excess of $500 million per year. His career has been spent consulting on, architecting and sponsoring the development of a large number of enterprise e-commerce solutions for a range of global brands, online and high street retailers, Premier League football clubs, financial organisations as well as a number of other vertical industries.

During this time he has been the co-founder / manager of Envoy Digital, a successful digital and e-commerce agency and Gold SAP and Hybris Partner based in SW London, UK which was acquired by KPS in early 2018.

This experience has given him a unique understanding of not only the commercial and strategic aspects of growing an omni-commerce business, but also the technical, tactical and practical aspects of doing so.  His experience encompasses everything within the sphere of omni-commerce from user experience through to supply chain and ERP.

Branwell is often asked to talk on the subject of customer experience and, as a thought-leader, looks to write articles that, not only get people thinking, but contain real and practical advice.

Articles by Branwell:

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