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One of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the industry, Carsten co-founded hybris Software as a student in Munich, Germany. The vision of the fledging business was to develop omnichannel e-commerce software at a time when many investors underestimated the powerful impact of the Internet on business. In 2013, the company was acquired by SAP for an undisclosed sum, making it at the time the highest value paid for a private technology acquisition. In 2018, Thoma left SAP to focus on investing in startups and to focus on his entrepreneurial roots.

Carsten began his career at Hewlett Packard, where his ideas for a standardized and flexible e-commerce solution were the starting point for what would become hybris. His belief in the power of a highly engaged workforce has fueled his pursuit of talent, resulting in an entrepreneurial culture that blends bold thinking and relentless curiosity. Carsten’s passion for new and innovative technologies is also reflected in his pursuits outside of SAP, where he remains active as an investor and mentor of several emerging global start-ups.

He holds a degree in law from Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, as well as a graduate degree in economics from the Graduate School of Business Administration, Zurich. Carsten divides his time between New York, Munich and Zurich.

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