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Deyan Georgiev, a Forbes 30 under 30, is Co-Founder and CEO of NitroPack, the all-in-one performance optimization service that is powering over 50,000 websites per day, providing lightning-fast load times and great PageSpeed scores.

Deyan first got the programming bug in 2005, as a sophomore at Geo Milev, an English-language high school in Bulgaria. That year, he challenged himself to learn several languages — English, Javascript and HTML, among them. But his passion for programming, he found, was getting in the way of other more typical teenage interests.

Fast forward to 2017, and after studying Finance at the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria and later pursuing a variety of entrepreneurial interests, Deyan once again dove deep into computers. He co-founded Biomyc, which offers sustainable packaging alternatives for businesses across the globe. Biomyc was awarded best European start-up in the Green category at the Startup Europe Awards in 2017. Less than 18 months after conception, Biomyc scored big when it struck a deal with Mercedes Benz to make 3D printable, plant-based plastic engine parts that had always been made of standard plastic. Not only did the partnership lead to less plastic being used in their cars but the plant-based material reduced CO2 emissions four-fold.

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