Matt McEnerney

Former Product Marketing Manager


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Matt McEnerney was a Product Marketing Manager at CallidusCloud with over 10 years experience in sales and marketing, and worked for SAP following the acquisition of Callidus. Using an analytical approach to assess the direction of the market, he was responsible for guiding product messaging.

Tragically, Matt passed away on July 4, 2019, leaving behind devastated family, friends, and co-workers.

Eric Blevins, Chief of Staff for SAP Customer Experience North America wrote, “Matt came to work with a smile every day and saw every situation optimistically finding positive potential outcomes. He supported others unselfishly, always treating everyone with the utmost respect, while providing unsolicited empathy and found the best in everyone. All due to his background, faith, wife, family, and the belief people just need positive support to be better.”

Everyone who knew Matt was better for it, and we’ll miss him always.

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