Dr. Niklas Mahrdt

Professor, Marketing & E-commerce

Rheinische Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences

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Niklas Mahrdt is a Professor for Marketing & e-commerce at Rheinische Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. In 2003, he also founded the Media Economics Institut in Cologne – since then, the institute has developed into a leader for consulting, market research and training in the german retail and e-commerce industries. He studied economics and business management at universities in Paris, Heidelberg and Berlin. In 1998 he completed his doctorate with a dissertation on the subject of strategic alliances in converging media markets.

His main fields of research include marketing, branding strategies, cross-media campaigning, media convergence, e-commerce and omnichannel marketing.

Niklas Mahrdt regularly contributes to leading journals in the field of e-commerce, online-fashion and entrepreneurial management. He is the author of various books and articles on electronic and mobile commerce. He regularly participates in various events, conventions and scientific conferences as a special referee on marketing strategies in a digital world.

Professor Mahrdt also supports promising and innovative start-ups from students and alumnis out of the Rheinische Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences.

Blog: http://www.cross-science.de

Web: http://www.media-economics.de

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