Sam Cinquegrani

Founder and CEO

ObjectWave Corporation

Sam Cinquegrani is the Founder and CEO of ObjectWave Corporation.  ObjectWave was founded in 1990.  Prior to starting ObjectWave, Sam worked in the financial industry in Mergers and Acquisitions.  Sam’s business experience extends throughout Europe and Latin America.

Through Sam’s leadership, ObjectWave successfully developed trading applications for some of the most notable exchanges.  ObjectWave’s core technology was adopted by the Chicago Board of Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade and One Chicago. 

In 2009, Sam founded Wave Technology Group to build and develop mobile phone applications for the medical device industry.  Through his leadership, he was able to develop the first ambulatory electroencephalogram (EEG) using a smart phone linked through a Bluetooth amplifier. 

As the CEO of ObjectWave, Sam oversaw the transition of ObjectWave from an IT consultancy focused on the financial industry, to a full-service provider of digital commerce solutions.  He oversaw the expansion of ObjectWave into Latin America and has been able to successfully establish a presence in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

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