Tracey Wallace

Head of Brand Marketing, Eterneva

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Head of Brand Marketing at Eterneva, and Founder at Doris Sleep

Tracey’s background is in content marketing, SEO, partner marketing, and business development. She is most passionate about connecting the dots across various disciplines to reveal overarching trends showcasing our humanity back to us. She has been honing this craft since age 9, when she began copy editing the pages of Vogue thanks to her new monthly subscription.

You can find her work on topics spanning ecommerce and retail strategies to grief and recycled plastic manufacturing on 2PM, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Forbes, ELLE Magazine, BigCommerce, Eterneva, Doris Sleep, and a variety of other publications. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her wife Rachel and fur baby Idgy. You can follow her at @TraceWall on Twitter or Instagram.

Articles by Tracey: