Volker Hildebrand

Volker Hildebrand is an executive in the software industry with more than two decades of experience in the e-commerce and CRM space. A pioneer in e-commerce and digital marketing software and early evangelist of customer experience and customer engagement, he has held global leadership positions in sales, product management, business development, product strategy, product marketing, solution management and general management for CRM/e-commerce software solutions.

Hildebrand is experienced in driving software innovation and turning those innovations into into a multimillion dollar business. Widely recognized thought leader, researcher, author, and keynote speaker. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics and is the author of more than a hundred articles and blogs (on forbes.com, Harvard Business Review…) plus five books including “Database Marketing & Computer Aided Selling” (in 1993) and most recently “The Customer Experience Edge” published by McGraw Hill.

Articles by Dr. Volker: