The Omnichannel Difference 2024

Creating a single view of the customer is ranked “high priority” or “critically important” by 94% of brands. But how do marketers create a stand-out omnichannel strategy?

This “Omnichannel Difference 2024” study, conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by SAP Emarsys, delves into the customer engagement strategies used by top brands, identifies challenges, and highlights the impact connected campaign strategies have on business growth and customer retention.

What’s Inside

The Omnichannel Difference 2024, an opportunity snapshot, was created with information Forrester gleaned when they surveyed manager-level and above decision-makers in the US, Germany, and the UK.

The results and insights are revealed in this study and offer sometimes unexpected insights on where the challenges and opportunities are on the road to true omnichannel engagement.

From this study, you’ll learn key omnichannel strategies insights, including:

  • Where friction persists in the buyers’ journey… and what to do about it.
  • The building blocks to smooth omnichannel strategy execution.
  • Which business-critical initiatives they prioritize to drive growth and lifetime value.
  • How brands are increasing customer lifetime value with true omnichannel engagement.
  • The crucial interplay between IT and Marketing required for omnichannel success.

According to the Forrester study: “Omnichannel efforts yield tangible business benefits; 46% of respondents noted increased customer lifetime value, due to the depth of omnichannel customer engagement. Not applying customer lifecycle marketing to omnichannel strategies leads to fragmented experiences, missed revenue opportunities, inefficient resource use, and 41% of respondents struggle with renewal reminders. Missing key connections can erode trust and competitive advantage.”

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