Last updated: Google prepping for head-to-head battle with Amazon Prime?

Google prepping for head-to-head battle with Amazon Prime?


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The big buzz in e-commerce right now is all about Google and its intention to compete with Amazon Prime.

Competition is always to be expected, but the pace and intensity with which the e-commerce race is being run draws into question whether corners will be cut and who has the endurance to win.

TechCrunch reports that Google is hard at work getting ready to launch “Google Shopping Express,” a service that at least one source says will be as much as $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime and will offer same-day delivery from powerhouse brands like Target, Safeway, and Wal-Mart. Will convenience triumph over brand loyalty?

Digital payments move ahead of face-to-face

E-commerce has been a frontier of possibility that few have mastered. As Google works toward taking market share from Amazon, it will inevitably demand new conveniences for customers. Odds are good that Google Wallet and Google Shopping will play key roles in the new service. As more consumers become comfortable with different types of payment the rulebook is out the window.

Much of the buzz is still speculation, but it could mean a new, dominant competitor in the online-to-offline retail market, according to the full story at TechCrunch.

E-commerce is winner take all with the right CX

Faster shipping, lower fees, and diverse inventory are just the start as consumers set the bar high for what they want from online retailers.

Companies that meet customers willingly have the upper hand and headstart on customer loyalty.

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