Last updated: Uber makes it clear that on-demand delivery is next logical step

Uber makes it clear that on-demand delivery is next logical step


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The darling of travelers everywhere may soon be the newest (and possibly the most hip) way to get products delivered to your home on-demand.

Uber, the company that connects car service and riders via mobile apps in more than 50 cities all over the world once again dipped toe in the delivery business once again in early December when it teamed up with Home Depot to deliver Christmas trees.

On Dec. 5, according to the Uber blog, users could select the “UberTREE” option via their apps and a fresh tree from Home Depot would be delivered to their doorstep—for a fee, of course.

“Once you’re in the business of delivering cars in five minutes, there are a lot of things you can deliver in five minutes,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said, at the LaWeb Show in Paris, reported CNET.

Besides Christmas trees, Uber has also dabbled in delivery of flowers and ice cream, but Kalanick seems to hint that much, much more will come in the future, according to CNET:

“We need to stamp out an urban logistics fabric in every city in the world, then it’s figuring out other things we can do with that fabric. It’s going to be interesting for us in 2014,” he said.

Jeff Bezos better get to work on those drones.

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