Last updated: Infographic: How the Industrial Internet of Things could change the world

Infographic: How the Industrial Internet of Things could change the world


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We’re all aware of the Internet of Things and its likely effect on our homes, but what about its potential impact on industry?

Electronics supplier RS Components has together an interactive graphic looking at how the Industrial IoT is going to change everyday functions, from street lights to agriculture.

Smart street lighting, for example, could cut energy costs by around 35 percent, just by automatically dimming when no activity is detected. Smart logistics could ensure that perishable items and medicines are delivered in peak condition. It’s estimated that this could save European businesses alone up to 300 billion euros a year in wasted products.

In agriculture, too, probes measuring temperature and moisture could enable farmers to produce higher yields with less waste.

The infographic also reveals how how the internet of things will affect farming and help ensure food production rises. The Food & Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has already predicted the global population will increase to 9.6 billion people by 2050. Smart farming could save water and reduce costs, while at the same time increasing the productivity for farms, helping to ensure that food production will grow alongside the population.

Find out more in the full graphic below:

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