Last updated: Beach reads: The top 10 posts of the summer

Beach reads: The top 10 posts of the summer


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Another summer has nearly eclipsed us. If you’ve been short on time and long on work, but still want to catch up with some great reads as the season winds down, look no further.

Following are the top 10 posts on The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce this summer.

Machine learning is here to stay

Personalization is undoubtedly the future of retail, and machine learning helps make it possible. Angelica Valentine wrote, “With machine learning, retailers can take the leap from past and present data to future in order to better understand and meet their customers’ needs.”

Her post on machine learning is one of the most shared and read of the summer.

We’ve come a long way, baby

One of our top contributors, Branwell Moffat (No, Dr. Who fans, not that Moffat. Trust me; I asked), listed his views on the top ten e-commerce game-changers over the last decade. Apparently many people agree, since it’s one of the top performing posts on the site.

Back to the future

People cannot get enough when it comes to the topic of the future of retail. Machine learning, IoT, VR, and microservices are the paving stones for the future of commerce and customer engagement in the digital age.

It’s a jungle out there

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods shook the retail industry. What it means is still playing out, and is on the minds of our readers. Two posts written on the topic were shared widely and quoted frequently, featuring top-notch advice from leading industry experts.

Wisdom is power

Always one of our most popular authors, Mark de Bruijn scored big with his post on the top 8 things that you need to know about robots and AI in retail. The post is a go-to list of trends you need to know if you’re in retail.

Driving change

I meant it when I said that Branwell Moffat was a top contributor. His post on how digital disruptors are changing the automotive industry revved up the analytics, and is still one of the posts leading the pack for the most popular of the summer.

Impressive performance

SAP Hybris has some incredible partners with unlimited knowledge. Brian Beck of Guidance is one of them. His post on how e-commerce makes B2B sales teams more effective features great insights and working examples of how the industry is changing.

A new age

Peter Zaballos explained that the Digital Consumer Age of Retail is upon us. He noted that “consumers’ proficient use of digital channels has revolutionized the retail industry and technology has changed the way people shop today.” Zaballos broke down how retailers can stay relevant and meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

We’re not in Kansas anymore

Another SAP Hybris partner, Randy Kohl of Gorilla Group predicts that the future of mobile commerce is paved with progressive web apps. Readers must tend to agree, as his post continues to perform well. This is a must-read manual for anyone in retail.

No more curtain calls

There’s no reason for a post-production bow, as channel conflict no longer acts as a showstopper for B2B e-commerce. In one of the most popular posts of the summer, George Giovani explained that one of the greatest risks to B2B companies lies in the lack of digitizing the experience.

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