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Master omnichannel with product content management


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Living in the digital age provides a number of options for the consumer to interact (and shop) with a brand, like the web, mobile, in-store, contact center, marketplace, etc.

We hear a lot of talk about assuring that all points of contact with customers are consistent, and when this is being discussed, we are referring to omnichannel, meaning that customers should have the same experience at any point of contact with a brand, no matter where or how they choose to connect.

In the most simple form, omnichannel means that customer interactions should always be consistent, across all platforms and touchpoints. We know that customers who engage on more than one platform spend more than customers who utilize only one, but some businesses have yet to make the leap to omnichannel.

In fact, most companies cannot support the omnichannel customer journey, with only a small percentage of businesses providing seamless service and interactions between channels. This is due to a host of reasons, including legacy applications, integration challenges, and data silos that make a true omnichannel experience impossible.

Deliver a true omnichannel experience with product content management

Your customers don’t see your business or brand in a silo, and neither should you. Businesses need to adapt to changing consumer behavior and lead the digital transformation through seamless, flexible commerce. In order to achieve this, the first adaptation must be within the organization through an integration of back-office and data silos.

By creating a unified view of customers, products, purchase history, prices, etc., you’re preparing to offer anything the customer desires at any moment of their journey.

To deliver unique – yet consistent – customer experiences across every touchpoint, it’s very important that you take into account product content management (PCM).

Managing the complexity of a product that’s available across global regions should be done centrally and adapted locally, allowing customers to have a consistent experience, whether they are shopping in the store, or online, and no matter where they are located.

One hub for everything you need to deliver globally

A seamless customer experience can achieved by taking control of how you manage your content and catalogs. When all of your product information is in a centralized location, it allows you to keep catalogs updated, add new products, or change offers within hours. You can also create complex and bundled offers and personalize the experience without having to call in IT.

Rather than recreating content and multiple catalogs, risking inconsistency in data, with the right content product management solution, you can provide a consistent message and appearance across each of your channels, building brand confidence and customer loyalty as consumers develop trust in your products and services.

When you make the customer experience simple with enhanced search, product recommendations, and community reviews available at their fingertips, you’re clearing the path for a smooth, seamless customer journey. This allows you to increase the average order or cart size and increase revenue through faster additions to the product catalog.

Reduce complexity and make your brand a true omnichannel business, consistently delivering the same customer experience regardless of location, device, screen size, or channel.

Your customers are managing 85% of their relationships online. Omnichannel CX can provide everything they want – and more.
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