The Changing Salesforce


Today I am excited that CallidusCloud is officially part of SAP and want to extend a warm welcome to their CEO Leslie Stretch and the entire Callidus team. The timing couldn’t be better for our customers.

In the first 90 days leading the SAP Hybris business, I met with many companies across the globe and across industries and it is very clear to me that we are in the midst of a consumer-driven growth revolution. Companies are changing their business models, selling services rather than products, and are developing deep data-driven customer relationships.

In short, enterprises are re-architecting their business to deliver superior customer experiences. Research backs them up. According to Gartner, 89 percent of companies will compete based on customer experience.

Customer experience is not some surface-level buffer though between a consumer and a business that is based on the look and feel of a website. It is the manifestation of a business’s capability to deliver exactly what a consumer wants, wherever they want it, whenever they want it, delivered by whom they choose.

Today’s sales organizations need to adapt to this new reality. Sales is not just about a single transaction in time, but with customer at the center, the relationship matters. Sales people need to transform to be account stewards and take accountability for customer success.

This is where CallidusCloud comes in. CallidusCloud is the market leader to incent, enable, and manage sales organizations to adapt to this new reality. They are the market leader to connect the customer-facing sales processes through its leading configure-price-quote engine into product development and the supply chain. And I speak from experience as all of SAP’s own sales organization is going through its own transformation using incentive management by CallidusCloud and will over the next three months extend this to configure, price, and quote.

A consumer-driven economy is a trust-driven economy

Today is also a huge milestone for SAP. SAP’s vision is to make the world run better and improve people’s lives. CallidusCloud brings our company another step closer to this vision. In a consumer-driven economy, trust between consumers and business is of paramount importance.

We have all seen the recent headlines where trust is broken. There is a seismic shift in society going on and it centers around trust. Public trust has hit an all-time low. If we want to create a better world, we need to re-instill trust. A consumer-driven economy is ultimately a trust-driven economy. And trust is built on people, relationships, and data. The people and relationship part is CallidusCloud. The data is Gigya.

Customers need to trust that their data is handled correctly to create personalized experiences, but they want to continue to own their personal information. Gigya delivers with consent based solutions. By adding CallidusCloud and Gigya to our portfolio, SAP now has the most competitive assets to deliver a differentiated cloud-based suite of customer experience solutions that complement our existing marketing, sales, service, billing, and commerce cloud solution.

Jointly we can instill trust back into each relationship between enterprise and customer. It won’t happen by automating sales processes, but it will happen if we manage and lead sales organizations differently and when we give the entire organization consent-driven data to provide a better customer experience.

At SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando we will share more on our vision for the complete customer experience and how you can realize it. Don’t miss it!

Alex Atzberger
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April 5, 2018
Alex Atzberger

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