Last updated: Sustainability, Privacy, Marketing: Twitter Talks the Best Brands

Sustainability, Privacy, Marketing: Twitter Talks the Best Brands


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Call it traction. Call it swing. Call it group think. Whatever you call it, there’s something magical about an organization all working toward the same end goal. 

Perhaps it’s magical because it doesn’t happen often. Perhaps it’s magical because it brings the consumer in, astonishes them with the power of cohesion, and launches unparalleled word of mouth marketing. 

In 2020 and beyond, this ability to row in sync is more critical than ever before because the inner-workings of organizations are changing for a new generation and type of consumer. And this consumer cares –– a lot –– about sustainability and experience. 

To do this, to enact radical change in large organizations where others have fallen down requires both the brand experience department and the customer experience department to work hand in hand. 

The baton pass off must be perfect –– or nearly so. Marketing sets it all up, bringing the consumer’s expectations to such a level that they give in and hand over their information or buy the product.

Now, the customer experience team takes over. Their job is to fulfill those expectations. Even better if they can go above and beyond them. 

One way comes today are going above and beyond is through personalization –– proving personalized experiences before the customer even asks for it. 

Huge strides have been made in personalization over the last decade, and many consumers have come to expect a certain amount of it. But privacy concerns remain, especially as a new era of communication comes into light: SMS.  

As more and more information is gathered about consumers, and as they agree to new types of communication, more concerns pop up. For instance, “Is Facebook listening to me?” is a question most of us have asked –– in our heads, aloud, and even straight into our phones. 

But there is a burgeoning marketing discipline that pushes data privacy to its potential limits –– far beyond the capabilities of SMS: Neuromarketing. 

This new discipline may eventually overtake traditionally marketing, helping to reduce the channels we it in.

In the future, neuromarketing may only show us ads on Facebook –– where we prefer to see them, versus on email, where we get annoyed. But for your best friend, the marketing channel mix could be completely different, based on her own likes and dislikes. 

Companies adapting to what customers want: Best brands in 2020

So, all in all, which companies are doing the right thing right now that are worth paying attention to?

Which ones should you expect to lead the charge? Well, January’s Tweetchat called out which brands are seen as leaders in the space, proving that word of mouth spreads fast when consumers have a memorable experience. 

Here are those best brands in 2020, and what their fans had to say:

1. Chipotle

2. The Reds

3. Marriott

4. Intuit & HP

5. Duke Energy

6. Imperfect Foods

7. ThredUp

8. Toms, 7th Gen, BMW

9. Jewel-Osco

10. Urban Plates

11. Patagonia

12. Chewys, Intuit

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