Last updated: INFOGRAPHIC: Helping brands navigate the new normal

INFOGRAPHIC: Helping brands navigate the new normal


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If marketing were an official scientific method, one might say it’s undergoing a paradigm shift.

Physical is now virtual. Offline has moved to online. Customer context now matters more than ever. Not only in the form of messaging, but with respect to brand action as well.

If context is king, then marketers need to be able to break through the noise to reach their customers in a meaningful way. Getting there in their current state, however, is a challenge for many brands.

In fact, in a recent survey of over 887 UK brand marketers by MarketingWeek and Econsultancy, respondents raised the following top three concerns:

  • 68% were concerned of the future, with uncertainty around budgets, planning and events.
  • 45% were unsure of how organize people and systems for remote work.
  • 43% were worried about maintaining strong communications with clients.

Top 5 ways a marketing platform helps brands navigate the new normal

How can you help your brand keep the finger on the pulse of customers in a time of crisis? Check out our infographic below.


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