Last updated: Intelligent ERP: Getting the most from your investment

Intelligent ERP: Getting the most from your investment


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What causes a traffic jam? Isolation and lack of coordination. Everyone’s headed in the same direction, but each driver doesn’t know what all the others are doing. A sudden, unexpected lane change is all it takes to slow everyone to a crawl.

The same is true of business traffic jams: Supply chain bottlenecks, shipping close calls, and customer service fender-benders are all due to lack of a holistic vision of the enterprise.

With communication and coordination, businesses can take charge of real-time data and keep the organization running at peak efficiency in real time.

Our guests on this episode of Tech Unknown explore what intelligent ERP can do for businesses.

More importantly, they dig into what business leaders can do before, during, and after an intelligent ERP implementation in order to get the most from their investment.

Listen, learn, leap: Intelligent ERP is what’s needed for business evolution

Intelligent ERP is the foundational layer for this next evolution of business. But implementing it to maximum effectiveness requires new processes, new skill sets – and a cultural mindset that embraces change.

During this episode, our guests discuss best practices for effective digital evolution, including:

  • How to maximize ERP effectiveness through customization
  • Why intelligent ERP drives better business outcomes
  • How to empower real-time decision making with intelligent ERP

About our guests

Lisa Anderson is the president of LMA Consulting Group. She’s an expert in manufacturing strategy and supply chain transformation, a public speaker, and author of I’ve Been Thinking: Turning Everyday Interactions into Profitable Opportunities.

Tim Crawford is the CIO strategic advisor at AVOA, advising business executives on strategic IT transformation initiatives. He also hosts the CIO in the Know podcast.

Eric Kavanagh is the CEO of The Bloor Group and a strategic consultant to the United Nations.

Words of wisdom on intelligent ERP

“I’ve seen dramatic improvements in customer service levels, operational profit, working capital, and, very importantly, growth and improved customer experiences [with Intelligent ERP].” –Lisa Anderson

It’s important to understand what changes you need to make from a process and organizational standpoint, which goes well beyond the technology itself. When you do that, the opportunities really show themselves.” –Tim Crawford

“A real-time ERP solves hundreds if not thousands of problems before they even appear. So it really is the next generation of business. And I’m quite sure that the success of tomorrow really hinges on decisions made today to move in that direction.” –Eric Kavanagh

“It’s about giving information back to users in real time, or near real time, so they can make informed decisions. And not wait for the report at the end of the month, or the end of the quarter.” –Tom Roberts

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