Last updated: CX at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021: A preview of what’s ahead

CX at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021: A preview of what’s ahead


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In what seems like light years ago now, business success was all about producing the best product. Companies generally didn’t give too much thought to a buyer’s experience with their brand.

Today, customer experience is table stakes in business. In fact, more than 80% of brands say their success will soon or be almost entirely dependent on customer experiences.

Excellent CX  drives sales, builds customer trust and loyalty, and increases customer retention. The numbers speak for themselves: Companies with best-in-class customer experience management achieve year-over-year customer profit margin improvement 527% higher than their peers, and 359% greater company revenue growth.

In the wake of COVID, CX has only become more critical as buyer behaviors and needs rapidly shift. The pressure to get it right is higher than ever. How do you keep up?

Customer Experience at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021

Join us for the Customer Experience Track at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021 for the latest insights and best practices for delivering the experiences your customers expect.  You’ll hear from our experts, customers, partners, and industry analysts about how companies are navigating change and raising the bar for CX.

Prepare to be inspired!

The CX track is one of eight tracks offered in three regional event experiences beginning June 7 at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021. The sessions include a mix of global and local content in short, dynamic TV-segment style delivery.


The CX sessions, scheduled for June 9 in North America, span the critical elements of customer experience. You’ll hear about SAP’s vision and get the scoop on new technology innovations and roadmaps across all these areas.

  1. Commerce
  2. Customer data
  3. Sales
  4. Customer service
  5. CX for midmarket

Through the agenda builder, you can pick and choose your sessions. Here’s a handy video tutorial to guide you through the tool. Sessions come in different formats, including product overviews, roundtables, and workshops.

And throughout the event, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered by our experts.

CX track: best practices, trends, and more

Whether your focus is commerce, customer data, sales, B2B or B2C, the CX track at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021 offers an array of can’t-miss sessions. It’s all about how businesses can deliver the fast, personalized and trusted experiences customers expect today.

Here are some of the sessions and topics we’re looking forward to:

  1. In this keynote session, “Drive Better Business Outcomes with Exceptional Customer Experiences,” CX leaders from Honeywell, Cisco Systems, The Body Shop and other companies will discuss how they deliver on their brand promise with AI-driven, hyper-personalized customer engagement that drives revenue growth.
  2. A leading medical equipment manufacturer will talk about how it creates a transparent e-commerce experience and supply chain for a better B2B buying experience.
  3. Executives with Gloria Jeans, a leading fast-fashion brand with 550 retail outlets, will talk about how they used SAP Customer Experience solutions to achieve 10x year-over-year growth after launching its online store.
  4. “The Critical Pursuit of Customer Experience Nirvana: Hyper-personalization,” will be an interactive roundtable exploring the how B2C companies can deliver personalized, transparent, friction-free customer experiences.
  5. An in-depth look at how SAP helps companies unify customer data to create unique customer values that enable true digital transformation across the enterprise, from product development to retail operations.

SAPPHIRE NOW 2021: Something for everyone

The CX track is one of eight tracks at SAPPHIRE NOW 2021, which kicks off June 2 with a global keynote with SAP CEO Christian Klein and several guests. On tap: company announcements, industry trends, customer innovations, and partner excellence.

With a range of tracks, regional events, and more than 400 sessions, the conference offers something to suit everybody. The other tracks cover Industries, IT, Procurement, Supply Chain, HR, and Mid-market (SMB).

Registration gets you access to any of the regional events; here’s the schedule for the regional event experiences:

June 7 – June 10

Asia Pacific
June 21 – June 24

June 7 – June 10

Three additional local event experiences are available to explore at SAPPHIRE now; they require separate registration: Greater China (June 16 – June 17); Korea (June 15 – June 18); and Japan (July 12 – July 15, 2021).

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