Last updated: Corporate sustainability: Making sustainability profitable + profitability sustainable

Corporate sustainability: Making sustainability profitable + profitability sustainable


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Successive lockdowns and the slowdown of the world economy over the last 18 months put a sharp focus on global and corporate sustainability. We marveled as skies cleared, commuter traffic waned, and wildlife thrived in previously out-of-bounds urban areas. We worried about the environmental impact of masks littering our streets and the return to disposable coffee cups. And, prompted by the shutdown of many of our favorite stores, we reconsidered our appetite for fast fashion and the next retail hit.

The desire to reduce waste across supply chains and enter a circular economy was already driving many organizations to embed sustainability in their mainstream business. But the pandemic saw the emergence of an interconnected world in which people, relationships, and resources come together to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

And in this new world, sustainable, intelligent enterprises are seeking to not only meet compliance requirements and find new efficiencies, but also to create new business models for long-term growth and focus on corporate sustainability. They understand that in doing this, they can:

  • Earn customer loyalty
  • Attract investment capital
  • Retain engaged employees
  • Gain reputational goodwill

Many sessions across this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference touched on these topics and how sustainability is a business imperative for many.

For example, corporate sustainability took center stage at the SAPPHIRE NOW global keynote.

During the address, our CEO and member of the executive board, Christian Klein, talked about sustainability as a new dimension for doing business. He explained how software innovations can make climate protection measurable, diversity and inclusion visible, and ethical responsibilities transparent – including by embedding sustainability insights in your core ERP processes.

Corporate sustainability: Become a sustainable business with SAP

As Christian made clear in the global keynote, SAP’s purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives with sustainability at the core. We want to create a positive economic, environmental, and social impact worldwide. We bring this objective to life by providing products and services that meet the sustainability challenges and opportunities of our customers and leading by example in our own sustainable business operations and practices.

Enterprise solutions from SAP deliver company-wide core functionality and industry-specific sustainability features. And we also help you embed operational, experiential, and financial data and insights into your business processes to support sustainability at scale across the key areas of:

  1. Climate action
  2. Circular economy
  3. Socially responsible value chains
  4. Holistic steering and reporting

Learn more about creating a sustainable business at SAPPHIRE NOW

Get inspired by our SAPPHIRE NOW global keynote, The Enterprise in an Age of Networks, and learn about our vision to act now on corporate sustainability with the goal of zero waste, zero emissions, and zero inequality. Listen to thought leaders who explore the innovations your business can use today to become more resilient, sustainable, and intelligent. Hear about SAP solutions like the SAP Product Footprint Management and SAP Responsible Design and Production solutions and watch a demo of the GreenToken by SAP solution, which traces the most complex material flow across the supply chain.

View a recording of our Spotlight on Sustainability session to learn how you can embed sustainability into the core of your business by accessing environmental insights across end-to-end business processes. During the session, Kwena Mabotja, SAP’s global director, purpose and sustainability marketing, and Vivek Bapat, SAP’s senior vice president, purpose and sustainability marketing, talked about how you can reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste across business networks, and foster socially equitable business practices across value chains.

Or take a look at the session Embark on Your Sustainability Journey with Measured Outcomes to learn how SAP technology makes a difference in supply chains, emissions management, and workforce practices. Hear how you can make renewables, sustainability, and the environment top priorities while continuing to succeed as a business. During the session, Bumble Bee Foods and lead producer and battery recycler Ecobat revealed how they measure outcomes for sustainability and which SAP solutions can help.

And don’t forget, you can still access a range of on-demand sessions from the SAP Sustainability Summit event, which took place in April 2021.

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