Last updated: Real-life examples of data driven competitive advantages

Real-life examples of data driven competitive advantages


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It’s said the devil is in the details, but the answers are in the data. As more of us work, shop, congregate, and live online, the more we develop preferences and habits. Data can help anticipate future actions through past activity, and how companies and individuals use those exchanges have endless possibilities.

What do beer, data, and success have to do with one another?

Habesha is a beer distributor in Ethiopia that found great success in using data to out-serve the competition when they partnered with Acorel. Acorel specializes in automatic people counting solutions and people flow analysis.

For a distributor just starting out, understanding how to be responsive and effective through data-driven decision making was a great leg up.

The Acorel Habesha story is a triumph of innovation.

5 data driven boosts for a company

  1. Data as competitive advantage: Habesha understood that with 50% of all draught beer coming from one provider, there was room to out perform. They used Cloud for Customer, or C4C System, to monitor a 360 view of their customers. When more beer was needed, BOOM, Habesha delivered. When maintenance teams were needed, technicians were already en route.
  2. Data-driven decision-making: Habesha had a grassroots start with community investors, over 8000 shareholders, many of whom are local farmers. Delivering service in Ethiopia, a place without addresses, meant creating a solution that allowed accuracy and timeliness. Acorel created a postal system of sorts with a C4C territory.
  3. Sales and Service Cloud better together: Being smaller than their competition, Habesha knew they needed to be nimble and efficient. The decision to encapsulate all data and processes within one solution was critical. The app Acorel created allowed Habesha access to the data, even when not online.
  4. Process / business automation: Again, the ability to facilitate efficient transmittal of information was essential. Allowing their maintenance team access to the same tools that sales and marketing had, meant that the 360 degree view of the customer and their needs was shared across the enterprise. No waiting for information, means no waiting for service.
  5. Local business in Ethiopia: You know the say a rising tide lifts all ships? Habesha is an Ethipian company, with Ethiopian investors and customers. As Habesha thrives, so too do the farmers, the communities, and the other businesses.

How people figure into data driven solutions

The power of data driven gains is complemented by the efforts of people. The partnership between Acorel, Habesha, and SAP demonstrated the way that innovation, testing, and implementation is strengthened when individuals communicate through the iterations, building on data insights and anecdotal evidence from the field.

The fascinating angle of the Habesha story was that their entire plan for market penetration was built on the idea of customer experience. They set their eye on exceeding the service of their competitors and staying in tune with their customers desires and needs. It just goes to show that when you put the customer experience at the center of your strategy, you create an environment where sales and satisfaction soar.

Amazing every time.

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