Last updated: Want more sales engagements? Stop making this mistake

Want more sales engagements? Stop making this mistake


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How can demand generation and sales teams set more meetings with customers and establish new sales engagements?

Every day, sales teams around the world are trying to find a solution, spending hours hunting for prospective customers and crafting sales pitches.

But we all keep making the same mistake.

No. 1 demand gen challenge: Getting more sales engagements

Despite all our hard work, we can never overcome the top challenge before us. That’s because we spend so much of our time thinking about “I.

  • How can I hit my number?
  • How can I be at the top of the leaderboard?
  • How can I contribute to my sales team?
  • How can I get this meeting?

When we think in the “I” form, we tend to engage with our prospects in the same “ME” way.

  • Look at ME! Here’s what I can provide you
  • Listen to ME! I can provide you with the best solution

I call this the “I want to talk about ME” syndrome. Mired in this self-centered approach to customer engagement, sales teams are doomed to frustration and lost opportunities.

Flip the focus, engage more customers

I’d like to propose a new approach in our quest for sales engagements with customers. Let’s talk about THEM.

The “Let’s talk about THEM” approach requires a bit more discipline, but will pay off in dividends. Here are four steps to taking a personalized approach to sales for effective engagement.

  1. Learn about THEM: Research the company and understand the organization’s challenges and opportunities. Present a case for meeting that provides benefits for them by helping them solve a problem or grow their business.
  2. Engage with THEM: Don’t just send a generic e-mail. Make sure you know your prospects, their role, and their challenges. Incorporate what they may need into the conversation or communication.
  3. Connect with THEM: Connecting is not just making one phone call. Take the time to connect with them via multiple channels like social, email and phone. It may takes multiple attempts and channels to find a time that fits in their busy schedule.
  4. Get personal: One of the best ways to drive a truly personal connection is through human touch. While traditional sales relied on in-person meetings, video communication is the new channel to drive forward human touch in this alternate virtual world. Savvy sales people have use video to their advantage.

More options. More conditions. More stakeholders. More circling-back.
Modern selling is anything but simple.
Intelligent sales enablement starts HERE.

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