Last updated: SAP: TrustRadius Top Rated Award winner for e-commerce and order management

SAP: TrustRadius Top Rated Award winner for e-commerce and order management


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SAP is a TrustRadius 2022 Top Rated Award winner for e-commerce and order management.

We are pleased to announce that SAP Commerce Cloud has received TrustRadius 2022 Top Rated Awards for e-commerce and order management.

It’s an honor to receive this recognition from the B2B and B2C e-commerce professionals who use our solutions daily to drive profitable growth for their organizations.

What do these awards mean?

With these awards, the TrustRadius user community recognizes SAP’s commitment to:

  1. Help businesses deliver digital innovations for their customers
  2. Make intelligent commerce decisions that drives profitable outcomes
  3. Gain confidence to grow and scale their business

SAP Commerce Cloud enables brands to consistently drive profitable growth from discovery to delivery and beyond.

TrustRadius Top Rated Awards 2022: SAP Wins in Four Customer Data Categories

“SAP Commerce Cloud won two Top Rated awards in the eCommerce and Order management software categories” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius.

“SAP Commerce Cloud earned these Top Rated awards based entirely on feedback from their customers. Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight the online shopping cart and eCommerce security features, along with quality customer support.”

Over the past eight years, the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards have provided unbiased, industry-wide recognition for B2B technology products based on customer sentiment.

TrustRadius’s scoring system for their Top Rated Awards is a direct response to a common issue seen within the review site industry: award ceremonies simply serving as a way to bolster analyst or industry insider opinions, rather than elevating genuine opinions from real-world users.

These awards are based on a truly objective scoring method, bringing transparency to the market and eliminating any kind of biases or vendor influence.

The TrustRadius “trScore” is calculated based on a weighted average of a product’s recent reviews and ratings, rather than a simple average, conveying honest feedback from real customers’ experiences and feedback

With a trScore of 8.2, SAP Commerce Cloud is a leading commerce platform that delivers highly innovative and engaging experiences, with a 360-degree view of the customer to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

According to a review from a customer in the Consumer Products industry:

“We use SAP Commerce Cloud to run both our B2B and B2C e-commerce sites.

We chose SAP Commerce Cloud because of how easily it integrates with SAP ERP. We started with B2B (where clean data integration is especially important because of custom-specific pricing and product rules) and were so happy with it that we moved our B2C sites to SAP Commerce Cloud a few years later.”

SAP Commerce Cloud enables brands to become digital innovators, unlocking enterprise data to drive intelligent profitable commerce outcomes, all on a robust, feature rich, and scalable platform that you can trust.

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