Last updated: Friday fun roundup: WFH pets edition

Friday fun roundup: WFH pets edition


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As many of us have spent well over two years working from home, our pets have become our best office buddies. They keep us company, brighten down days, and break up Teams and Zoom fatigue.

To kick off your Friday, we put together some fun, furry, and feathery WFH friends from Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Image of tweet from SAP showing a cat and using the hashtag International Cat Day

The best Zoom calls

All those video conference calls can be draining, but furry friends break up the monotony when they make an appearance.

Always there to help – or not

During the workday, they’re eager to lend us a paw or claw, but the results are decidedly mixed.

Office personalities

Every workplace has distinct personalities, from the showoffs and laid-back types to micromanagers and eager newbies.

You can count on me

Some workdays are tough, but our pets never fail to provide us with emotional support by staying close and being their adorable selves.

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