Last updated: Friday vibes: More than ready for the weekend

Friday vibes: More than ready for the weekend


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It may have been a short week after the Labor Day holiday, but it didn’t really feel like it. With summer vacations in the rearview mirror, the weekend can’t come soon enough, right?

To help you celebrate Friday, we put together some TikTok videos that offer some humorous (and revealing) takes on corporate life.

We’ve all had those days when this is our entire mood… 

The productivity paradox

With all email, meetings, and online chats, getting actual work done can be a challenge.

Sometimes it comes to this

All the push and pull of corporate life can wear a person down.

But now for the Friday dance

The weekend brings sweet relief from corporate life.

And rewards at the end of a seeming marathon 

No cookies? No problem.
(Unless your marketing platform is rooted in The Old Times.
Then you’re in trouble.)
Attract, convert, retain: It starts HERE.


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