Last updated: 7 tips for successful omnichannel selling

7 tips for successful omnichannel selling


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Remember when you were out of luck when the store was closed, or if you desperately needed to make a specific purchase on a Sunday evening?

Those days are gone, but it wasn’t that long ago that the merchant dictated the terms of how we shop. Today, consumers are at the ready to buy, but they want to do it when and how they choose. That’s why brands that get omnichannel selling right will be the big winners in the retail marketplace.

And here’s another factor to take into consideration—omnichannel customers tend to spend more than their peers who only shop in-store.

Here are some tips to help you conquer this new world order.

Key features of omnichannel selling

Social Media: Take advantage of peer-to-peer influencers and leverage your social strategies to create good will for your brand. More and more, consumers are relying on word of mouth when it comes to researching brands, and how your social media ties into your overall brand experience matters more than ever.

Ad campaigns: You can lead your customers across your channels using a combination of tools in advertising. In other words, don’t silo your communications with your customers. Don’t rely just on direct mail to drive people to local events, use your online channels, as well.

Lead tracking: Big Data gives you more access to what your individual customers look like than ever before. Leverage and analyze the data you collect to track their shopping habits and behavior across all of your channels to help drive the most successful strategies.

Integration: Combine your offline and online channels into a cohesive whole. Looking for a couple of successful brands that demonstrate an understanding of how to do this? Look no further than Macy’s and Burberry.

Experiment: Don’t be afraid to take chances. Small tests of ways to delight and surprise your customers can often lead to big, exciting successes. And don’t forget to bring in your own shopping experiences. What delights you will often delight others.

Mobile: It should go without saying, but there are many brands that still don’t get that your mobile channels must offer a seamless way to buy, one that isn’t jarringly different from your in-store or e-commerce channels.

Rethink customer engagement:
Seamless omnichannel experiences can save the day. Real-life direct-to-consumer results start HERE.

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