Last updated: Rise of the machine: Machine learning definition and examples

Rise of the machine: Machine learning definition and examples


Machine learning has quietly integrated itself into our daily lives, from queuing up recommendations on Netflix and Spotify for us, to helping companies make real-time customer service and marketing decisions, AI has radically altered how organizations work and how we interact. When the iPhone X debuts, it will rely on machine learning to power their Face ID technology.

We know it’s an important topic, because “machine learning” is one of the most searched terms on our site. To help bring you up to speed, we’ve compiled our top posts on the topic, the definition, and some examples of ML.

What is machine learning: Definition

Machine learning (ML) is a facet of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that harnesses data and algorithms to mimic how humans learn.

In time, ML allows systems to automatically learn and improve without explicit programming, meaning computer programs access data to learn for themselves.

Ghost in the machine: Examples of machine learning

It’s not just a phase, mom

Angelica Valentine walks readers through how ML has taken retail to the next level when it comes to personalization and pricing. It’s more than just big data, it’s the incorporation of that knowledge into a process that drives revenue and optimal customer experiences.

Selling the future

If incorporated correctly, machine learning can offer sales divisions a tremendous leg up on their competition, while giving reps more time to cultivate and strengthen customer relationships. Shalini Mitha talks about the undeniable power of AI in her post.

Run smarter

Staying one step ahead of your competition means innovating the customer experience with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT, and if you’re not thinking about it today, you’ll be wishing you had tomorrow.

Boosting B2B

“Predictive analytics and machine learning are here to stay, and companies that employ these techniques will outmaneuver those who don’t,” warns Kevin Carlson in his post on how AI is changing the B2B space.

The voice of tomorrow

“The robots are coming – and you need to be ready.” Michael Mischker explores how machine learning will impact communications, personalities, and the development of future generations.

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