Last updated: Better than all the rest: The best thought leadership posts of 2019

Better than all the rest: The best thought leadership posts of 2019


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What were our top thought leadership posts this year? As it always goes with great storytelling, there’s a fascinating story within this story.

If any of you suspect that I’m creating a theme around our “best of” content, you’re right, I am. Tina Turner is an icon, “Simply the Best” is one of her best hits, and my passion for it was only increased by this rendition in 2019. (If you can watch it without getting choked up, we probably can’t be friends).

In many ways, it’s unfair to rate the content for the year, since posts published toward the latter part obviously have less of a shot than posts published in the beginning.

To remedy this, we’ll also be publishing another post next week on the most-viewed content of 2019, and that, my friends, is the story within the story that I mentioned. It tells the incredible power of content over time and how important thought leadership is to earning trust, authority, and loyalty.

But now, without further ado, the content that you’re here to read.

The best thought leadership posts of 2019

2019 has been an amazing ride: We were named the best thought leadership site in the industry, rebranded our site, added more contributors, doubled-down on our TweetChat series (which saw increased engagement of over 500% on Twitter), and have seen nearly 100K more page views versus 2018 – all organic growth. (I can hardly wait for you see what we have in store for 2020!)

Our primary goal is to deliver you the content that you love, day in and day out. I’d like to thank you sincerely for making us a part of your day and giving us some of your incredibly important time.

Top 10:

10. B2B marketing evolution: Customers demand B2C experiences

Automation and technology have made it easier to personalize the customer journey, forcing a B2B marketing evolution as customers demand B2C experiences. [Read the full post]

9. How to create an outstanding B2B CX

The same consumers who expect personalized B2C experiences are B2B buyers. Companies must create a B2B CX that meets their needs. [Read the full post]

8. The 10 brands with the best customer service aren’t who you’d expect

Brands hoping to provide the best customer service for their industry need to answer two key questions about their audience before creating a strategy. [Read the full post]

7. How sustainability in retail is changing the future of commerce

Sustainability in retail is an increasingly important consideration in purchasing decisions, as balancing CX and inventory is changing the future of retail. [Read the full post]

6. What does CRM mean? Customer relationship management defined

In an ever-changing world, what does CRM mean, and how is it defined? We need to separate the digital noise from the good stuff in order to make the sale and provide a customer experience with lasting impact. The question is – how do we achieve this in any meaningful way? [Read the full post]

5. CRM is dead, long live CRM: The future of CRM

In the experience economy, price, product, and presence aren’t enough to win. The future of CRM is the customer, and their experiences. [Read the full post]

4. The future of customer experience: 4 predictions for 2019

CX is the future of commerce. Learn the trends shaping the future of customer experience and the future of customer relationship management. [Read the full post]

3. 10 predictions for customer service in 2019

Customer service is undergoing its most dramatic transformation since automatic call distribution prompted the beginning of call centers in the 70s. So what does customer service look like today? New rules of engagement apply throughout the customer journey, and CX reigns supreme. [Read the full post]

2. Direct to consumer brands and models that are killing it

Discover some of the best direct to consumer brands and how can you up your e-commerce game to compete in the digital landscape. [Read the full post]

1. Telco trends and transformation priorities for 2019

Telco companies are feeling the pressure to make technology investments while focusing on devising business models to monetize 5G. [Read the full post]

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