Last updated: Content superheroes: Our most-read posts of 2019

Content superheroes: Our most-read posts of 2019


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Our most read posts of 2019 emphasize the power of a longterm thought leadership content strategy.

When publishing our round-up post with our top content for 2019, I mentioned that there was a story within that story. This post features our most-read content of 2019, and reveals the tale that I foreshadowed.

Of our most consumed content this year, only three posts were written in 2019. The rest of the top content harks back years – the fruit of a long-term thought leadership strategy that incorporates evergreen content, SEO optimization, and – most importantly – a hyper focus on what our readers want from their thought leadership.

In an age when companies want instant results and metrics, it can be hard to prove the worth of content marketing and thought leadership, but seeing the consumption rates for content that was crafted years ago – and is still sitting atop Google returns – more than proves the value.

Don’t forget: Trust will drive the future of business, and thought leadership is crucial to that process. 92% of B2B decision makers stated they have increased respect for organizations who focus on thought leadership, and 58% noting that they’d give business to the company that earns their trust via thought leadership.

Most-read posts of 2019

Our most-read posts of 2019 emphasize the unbelievable power of great content over time. This thought leadership was built to last a lifetime – not just for an instant or a hashtag cycle.

It’s the sort of content that builds authority and trust, keeping an eye on (and building) the future during an era when so much emphasis is focused on the instant.

10. Transforming from a B2B to a B2B2C business

B2C strategies are dethroning B2B sales across many industries. Using e-commerce as leverage, the direct to consumer channel eliminates the supply chain and goes right to the buyer.

What’s the next move here: Do traditional businesses continue investing in their B2B channel? Or do they go direct to consumer and compete against upstarts?

Read the full post here to find out. 

9. 10 predictions for customer service in 2019

Customer service moments are moments of truth and the moments that matter most to your customers, and they put your service organization to the test: How quickly can you respond and fix the problem or simply answer the question, and how convenient can you make it in that critical moment?

This customer service piece will be a cornerstone of our content for years to come as the predictions continue to come true.

Read it here to discover what’s coming next.

8. Customer experience in 2030: This is how it looks

How we shop and interact has completely changed in the past decade. Yet the entire customer revolution is still only in its infancy. What will the customer experience look like in 2030?

The answer is one click away – read the full post here.

7. What is the consumer journey?

Who knew years ago that the consumer journey would be so important to the future of commerce? We did.

Read this master-class post on the phases of the customer journey and how to optimize each one.

6. Direct to consumer brands and models that are killing it

One of the most searched terms on our site this year was “D2C” – and we know why. Smaller consumer goods start-ups are making a big disruption in the marketplace by offering new experiences with quality products that consumers can simply fall in love with.

These companies understand very well that choosing one product over another on a retailer’s website might end in winning a sale, but with it, they lose the opportunity to build a relationship with a consumer.

Read this post on some of the best D2C brands out there to learn what they’re doing so right.

5. Examples of digital transformation: 6 companies leading the way

We might finally be at a point where everyone agrees that digital transformation is critical. Discover how companies like Porsche, BMW, and Deloitte innovated to shape digital transformation from within.

Set yourself up for future success by reading our post on innovating today.

4. Failure is the key to success

In this heartfelt explanation of why failure is so important to success, one of our top contributors, Branwell Moffatt, explains that, “while success should certainly be celebrated, what can make a company stand out is not just how it how it deals with success but how it deals with failure. As people and businesses, we are all going to fail sometimes. No person or company is successful at everything, and failure can teach us a great deal.”

Read this fantastic post here.

3. Telco trends and transformation priorities for 2019

In 2019, telco companies were feeling the pressure to make technology investments while focusing on devising business models to monetize 5G, and other opportunities – and this was a fascinating and important topic to our readers.

Learn about the trends that had people searching for answers in droves here.

2. Top 4 challenges the banking industry is facing

Searchers across all search engines, in all lines of business were very concerned with the challenges faced by the banking industry, almost as though their businesses depended on it.

Read the full post here.

1. Omnichannel vs. multichannel: What’s the difference and who is doing it?

Branwell Moffat, the man who makes me smarter every time I read his content, has continued his domination of the most read content on our site. His post on omnichannel and multichannel has been our most popular post for the last two years. This essential primer sits at the top of Google returns for “omnichannel vs multichannel.”

While we’ve gotten a lot of competition around the term over the last two years, it goes to show that paying attention to what people are searching, then writing thought leadership content to meet their needs is the best long-term strategy that you can possibly enact.

Your customers are managing 85% of their relationships online. Omnichannel CX can provide everything they want – and more.
Get started HERE.

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