Last updated: Editor picks: Best reads and our personal favs in 2022

Editor picks: Best reads and our personal favs in 2022


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The end of the year is a traditional time for looking back and taking stock. In that spirit, we went through all the articles we published in 2022 and came up with a list of our favorite posts.

We publish almost every weekday (sometimes even twice a day), so it’s a pretty long list — but a damn good one, if we do say so ourselves.

In 2022, the site reinforced its position as the go-to place for analysis and perspective on e-commerce, customer experience, retail, purpose, and much more. Our thought-leadership strategy has been validated time and again, not only by readers, but also by many imitators.

With so much great content, it wasn’t easy selecting a few editor picks. Here are some of our favorites.

Editor picks for 2022: Quiet quitting, the Great Regret, and corporate sabotage

Workplace trends were a hot topic for us this year as the world slowly emerged from the pandemic.

Quiet quitting, acting your wage, and the TikTok of it all

One of our top contributors, Emily Morrow, really knocked it out of the park with her coverage of the burned-out worker trend. As it turns out, it’s really about quitting the above and beyond mentality that’s so pervasive in corporate environments. Her headline is sheer perfection.

The Great Regret: Workers second-guess joining the Great Resignation

During the depths of COVID, millions of unhappy workers quit their jobs to spend time with family or pursue other ventures. But this year, many came to regret their decision. David Rand delves into regret and how people can get back on their feet.

The toggle tax: Alt-tabbing ourselves to distraction

New contributor Leslie Taege has impressed us with her well-written and insightful work, including this piece on how toggling between apps is draining productivity and employee well-being.

Corporate life: The CIA manual on how to sabotage an organization

Our fearless leader, Editor-in-Chief Jenn Vande Zande, sheds light on what might be behind workplace chaos with this post about a 1944 CIA guide that was declassified in 2008.

All eyes on the economy: Soaring inflation and slashed budgets

Our news coverage this year focused on the tough economy and its impact on consumers, businesses, and the customer experience.

40-year-ache: Inflation forcing consumers to make choices, cut back

With inflation reaching its highest levels since the 1980s, consumers saved their money for essentials and searched for deals. Low-income households were hit the hardest by skyrocketing prices for everything from housing, fuel, and groceries.

Hotel customer experience: Service cuts make for very unhappy customers

Record-setting inflation and a labor shortage have made it hard for the hotel industry to recover from COVID. The result has been disastrous for customer experience as guests deal with broken equipment, missing amenities, and housekeeping cuts.

Business, better:
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Reduce, reuse, recommerce: The first-rate benefits of second-hand selling

Tight personal budgets — and growing interest in sustainability — helped fuel the recommerce trend with more and more brands getting into the second-hand selling business. In this editor pick, Morrow provides a fantastic overview, complete with examples and tips.

Defending your marketing budget in 2023

When times get tough, marketing budgets are often the first to get cut. In this post, CMOs offer tips on how marketers can prepare for cutbacks and get the most out of their marketing dollars.

2022 editor picks: The TikTok generation

Gen Zers are beginning to make their way into the working world and wield their power as consumers (often on social media powerhouse TikTok). What should brands expect with the second generation of digital natives? We have you covered.

Digital natives: How to win the trust of Gen Z and Millennials 

Trust is essential for winning over consumers, but for digital natives, distrust is pervasive. Marketing pro Erin McClure wrote a terrific post with lots of practical advice on how to bridge the gap.

TikTok search tops Google for Generation Z

We rely on marketing expert Tracey Wallace to keep us updated on the latest digital trends. In this super interesting article, she covers research showing that TikTok has become more than a place for silly videos and how brands can lean into TikTok search.

Click into the power of UGC marketing on TikTok

User-generated content is another hot trend that we explored in 2022. This editor pick has what you need to know about UGC marketing and how brands can leverage TikTok creators.

Purpose in 2022: Taylor Swift lyrics, a revolution, and the high price of bias

We’ve never let up when it comes to shining a light on pressing social issues, and 2022 was no exception.

Taylor Swift lyrics for work: “I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this.”

If you didn’t already know it, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is a feminist icon. Vande Zande penned an extraordinary compilation of Swift lyrics that cut to the core of what women frequently experience at work, and the strength that comes after facing so much bias.

Difficult women: Exhausted by bias, a revolution rises 

We published this amazing post by writer-producer Cali Green last December, but it really took off this year, making it one of our top picks for 2022. Green provides sharp insight into the discrimination women — especially women of color — face when they’re unwilling to be disrespected and speak up.

Reaching equal: Inclusion and diversity now, or innovation loss later

Jen Balin, Chief Revenue Officer at SAP Customer Experience, offers compelling perspective on why brands and their leaders need to push for diversity and inclusion NOW.

Thought-provoking content: Editor picks

The best content gets you thinking in different ways, illuminates new topics, or is just plain good reading.

Delight doesn’t fly: Digital customer engagement for the future

Our resident expert on customer data protection, Chris O’Hara, wrote a lot of great articles this year. This one has the added bonus of debunking the overused CX term, “delight.”

Amazon’s e-commerce dominance: Is the price too high?

Amazon owns the lion’s share of the e-commerce market — dominance that’s come under fire. with some accusing it of anticompetitive behavior. This post looks at the internet giant’s practices and its impact on retail in general.

Decision-making + dysfunction: Everything is broken, and it might be fine

We’re all too familiar with chaotic times. Writer Josh Terry penned a provocative column about how humans survive adversity and persevere. A truly beautiful piece of writing.

Save the dream: May the 4th quotes for navigating our present galaxy

The year wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to Star Wars. Here, diehard devotee Vande Zande compiled quotes from the iconic franchise that resonate for many of us today.

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